WoW Classic TBC – Jewelcrafting Profession – Roll the dice and get that gold!

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Jewelcrafting or better known as simply JC is actually my favourite profession in the game and has been since it came out in TBC. Time to find out why………

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Character – Flip
Class – Druid
Server – Earthshaker EU
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Full give away details: I am looking way way forward into the future and to even reach the 1k give away could take a good while, but the speed at which we hit these milestones ultimately comes down to your support and my content, so lets work together to make it work! To be in with a chance to bag one of these milestone give aways, you simply just have to be a subscriber, that’s it! Obviously, liking the videos would also be nice but there is no bonus points for it.
1. Subscribe to the channel to be in with a chance.
2. Each subscriber has equal chance of winning the giveaway.
3. When each milestone is reached, the next video released (ordinarily within 1 week) will include the date and time for the stream to announce the winner.
4. The winner will be drawn publicly and using a random number generator or the wow in game rolling system.
5. The only milestone giveaways that are negotiable are as follows: 3/6 month WoW time can be swapped for Amazon Voucher of equal value. The specifics of the rest can be discussed but if its the mouse and keyboard for example, this cant be swapped for a monitor or graphics card or something of the like.
6. The draw will be done on my discord server live and on youtube streaming, recorded and posted as a short video within 7 days of streaming.

The giveaways:
1k subs – 3 month game time or amazon voucher
5k subs – 6 months game time or amazon voucher
10k subs – gaming mouse and keyboard
25k subs – console bundle (xbox,ps4 or switch)
50k subs – mystery at the moment (to be announced at 25k)
100k subs – gaming laptop.

Finally i take full responsibility with this give away and Youtube are in no way shape or form involved. This giveaway will be run fairly with complete transparency.

You can see the the official Youtube guidelines here…