Woodturning – Hawthorn Root Lamp

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This weeks project is something I have been working on for a while, the wood has taken longer than expected to dry out allowing the resin pour. The root was saved last year following the removal of a hedge.

The amount of resin used in the project was approximately 4kg. Although not shown in the video, the root was rough turned then placed in an over for several hours to speed up the drying, even then it still took a further 4 weeks to dry out and reach a state of equilibrium.

The initial rough turn was a little more shaky on the lathe than I would have liked and not something I would recommend doing for any extended period, however it was only a few minutes before it was balanced up enough to turn the speed up a little. Unfortunately the minimum speed on the lathe is only 500rpm, which is a little too fast for out of balance rough turning of things this size.

Hope you enjoy the final piece!

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