What is the best profession in WOW right now?! – TSM Crafting Profit Guide – Legion – Vanilla

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Many of you over the past couple of years, asked me What is the Best Profession right now in World of Warcraft?
That question has remained for Legion, WOD, Pandaria – MoP, Cataclysm, WOTLK, TBC, Vanilla… and it’s still around!

Well if I say: Leatherworking, or Tailoring, or Inscription, or Blacksmithing, or any other profession, I would be lying to you.

So instead, I’ve made a profession guide, using TradeSkillMaster, that will generate gold profit for with every profession that you use, on every server and region there is. Btw… Yes, that includes private / pirate servers, and everything else.

Resources I’ve Mentioned:
► TSM Full Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCA1zW8xiMr76Mzg0AzMP5mKLFnTweMuA
► Umren Price String: avg(avg(DBMarket, DBGlobalMarketAvg), avg(dbmarket, dbregionmarketavg), DBGlobalSaleAvg)
► http://www.wowuction.com/ – if u need guide about these websites let me know in the comments below
► https://theunderminejournal.com/ – if u need guide about these websites let me know in the comments below
► If I missed something that I’ve mentioned in the video, let me know in a comment below.

What you’ll get from the guide:
▬ How to find which profession works best for you.
▬ How to Calculate Materials Cost using TSM
▬ How to Calculate Profit out all items in your profession
▬ How to make a list of items that you want to craft
▬ How to make shopping list for selected items
▬ How to craft them all.

✿ If you feel like something you didn’t understood 100% or you need more explanation, ask in comment, and I will either reply or make a vid about it 🙂

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