Ultimate Equipment and Crafting Guide for Rise of Kingdoms (rok)

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The most comprehensive single guide ever created for crafting equipment and optimal gear sets at the blacksmith in Rise of Kingdoms.

We are an official member of the ROK Community Program, and are sponsored by Lilith Games!

— Chapters —
0:00 Ultimate Equipment Guide
1:35 Equipment Overview
3:50 Special Talent Equipment
9:00 Farming Materials – Barbarian Camps and Keeps
12:01 Equipment Rarity
14:20 Itemization – how to evaluate equipment
17:42 Best Cavalry Equipment
23:44 Best Infantry Equipment
31:11 Best Archer Equipment
36:33 Best Leadership / City Defense Equipment
42:59 Best Gathering / Seige Equipment
44:38 Evaluation of Accessories
47:11 Delane’s Amulet
48:46 Silent Trial
50:14 Scolas’ Lucky Coin
51:55 Pendant of the Eternal Night

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