Top Tips and Tricks for Creating Resin Art for Beginners

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This video shows some tips and tricks that I have learnt when using resin. It is an ideal tutorial for beginners who are thinking of creating art using resin. The video shows the tips and tricks I wish I had known before starting with resin. It covers the type of resin to use for the task at hand, the differences between polyester and epoxy resin and when to use them. I also show the types of tools and other materials I use when creating epoxy resin art. Alongside this I show resin basics that will make life easier for you. All the tools and materials that I use and show here are available on amazon, links below.

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Although I often talk about health and safety in my videos, please make sure you do your own research and take the relevant precautions to ensure that you are protecting your health. I am not responsible for anyone using resin and not taking the correct safety precautions. Resin is a chemical and as such should be always treated with respect and the manufacturers safety advice taken.
Materials used:

Links for USA (only)
Jewelry Chain 33 feet:
Jumbo Craft Sticks:
Open backed bezels:
Closed Back Bezels:
Epoxy Resin:
Disposable Gloves:
Mica Powder:
Art Resin:
Gold Acrylic Paint:
Resin Mixing Jugs:
Large Reusable Mixing Jugs:
Micro Glitter:
Half mask filter:
Blow torch:
Heat Gun:
Eye protection:
Resin Moulds:
coaster molds:
Resin Pigment paste:
Alcohol Inks:
Dremel 4000:

Links For UK (only)

Open Backed Bezles: =
Closed backed bezels: =
Jumbo lollipop sticks: =
Master Cast 1-2-1 epoxy resin (4kg) =
Crystal Clear Bubble free epoxy resin: =
Disposable gloves: =
Mica Powder: =
Art resin 946ml: =
Gold acrylic paint: =
Reusable Resin mixing cups: =
Reusable silicone mixing jugs: =
Polyester Resin: =
Micro Glitter: =
Half mask filter: =
Blow torch:=
Heat Gun: =
Eye protection: =
Resin Moulds: =
coaster molds: =
resin Pigment paste (great value and lasts ages): =
Alcohol Inks: =

Hopefully I haven’t left anything off this list. Thank you for your time, I hope this was useful.

Music by: Last Summer
Musician: @iksonofficial