The Last of Us – Crafting and Upgrading guide and Let's Gear Up trophy

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This is a guide for crafting and upgrading in The Last of Us on PS3. This guide will also get you the ‘ Let’s Gear Up ‘ Trophy.


01:51 Crafting:

To craft an item you need resources including, rags, alcohol, explosives, sugar and binding you also need a recipe to craft for example to be able to craft a bomb you are given the recipe by Bill which you can then craft bombs yourself from your inventory or backpack. To get to your backpack which is where we do business you press the select button.

01:51 Shiv – These require a blade and binding to craft.
02:08 Health Kits – These require a rag and alcohol to craft.
02:20 Molotov Cocktail – These require a rag and alcohol to craft, if you don’t get the recipe from the dead guy in the subway you can get it from any guy that throws them around you kill.
02:41 Melee Upgrade – These require a blade, binding and of course a melee weapon in your inventory. Melee weapons include baseball bat, wooden plank and lead pipe.
03:10 Bomb – These require a blade and explosive to craft. You get the recipe from bill in a cutscene.
03:21 Smoke Bomb – You get these from a shelf in the hunter room after the car crash.

03:55 Upgrading weapons:

To upgrade weapons you need parts, these are found all over the place in cupboards, behind shiv doors and on tables these are fundamental for any upgrade to get better upgrades you need a higher tool level there are 5 tool levels so you would need to collect 5 tools to get to level 5.

05:25 Upgrading character:

You can upgrade your character using supplements found across the game in the form of plants and pills go into your backpack and upgrade from the second menu.