The Best Professions for TBC Classic – Phase 1 Profession Guide

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Today we are talking about The Best Profession for TBC Classic, especially in Phase 1! Basically we are so close to the TBC launch itself right now that we have all the information we need on which profession items will and will not be in the game at TBC’s launch, and we also know which professions have gotten nerfed (cough, leatherworking), so we have a pretty good idea on which professions are good, and which professions are bad! So join me as I discuss Professions in Phase 1 of TBC Classic, and watch my TBC Profession Guide!

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This Profession Guide is not purely based on goldmaking or goldfarming and it’s not a TBC Goldmaking Guide, but an overall TBC Profession Guide looking at the positives and negatives of each TBC Profession in every aspect of the game.

0:00 TBC Profession Guide
1:33 TBC Engineering Guide
3:28 TBC Tailoring Guide
4:57 Leveling in TBC Classic – Rested XP
6:52 TBC Jewelcrafting Guide
8:30 TBC Leatherworking Guide
9:57 TBC Blacksmithing Guide
11:33 TBC Alchemy Guide
12:18 The Best Professions for TBC Classic
12:33 Which Professions Should I Choose in TBC Classic
13:15 Recap & Outro
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