Switch From Craft Shows to Online Sales FAST! ⚡ Guide for Handmade Business

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If you’re a maker and you heavily relied on craft shows, live events, and farmer’s markets to make sales, you’re probably experiencing a huge hit on your income right now due to coronavirus and events being canceled. In this video I’m going to share with you a super effective and fast way to get your business online and making sales again.

This strategy that I’m about to share with you is not just for makers who made most of their income through live events, but also for makers who were relying a lot on Etsy previously to make sales but you’re interested in transitioning over to your own website. This works insanely well and really quickly if you do it right. This is the same strategy that I taught to my A Sale A Day students who’re seeing huge success with this. One woman who used this strategy to get off of etsy, is making an 8x return on her investment. In other words for every $1 she’s putting into Facebook ads, she’s making $8 back. Another student of mine just made 50 sales over the weekend from this strategy.

First let’s talk about the prerequisites for how to make the most of this strategy because I don’t want to waste your time with this video if you don’t fit these requirements, ok? This will not work for everyone. It will not work for you if you’ve never sold your products before or if you’re just getting started. To use this strategy, you should already have been selling your products for a while, and you already know your product sells well. Now, I didn’t say this strategy was going to be free. You will be spending money to get traffic over to your site, but if you do this right you should be very profitable. We’re going to have your money make money for you. As a business owner, you have to understand that you have to choose between free or fast. If you want things to be free you can’t expect things to be fast. And if you want things to be fast, then you have to be prepared to spend money to get fast results. You can’t have both.

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