SnowRunner PTS Yukon Episode 20 (Crafting Metal Beams to Metal Rolls + Failed Delivery task)

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Due to circumstances that I explain in the video (patch 10.4) my equipment was all back in storage. Since I was starting out from the garage I decided to do a couple of different things…..
and actually more different things in the next one too!!!!

Note: All the talk at the end about getting spare parts from a different region was just my dementia showing itself. I know you Can’t carry materials or drive from Region to Region.
I realized that I was talking stupid after I uploaded the video.
The spare parts in question were present on Flooded Foothills when I first Accepted the task early on in this Region. Then the next patch or two comes through and I can’t find them anymore. Turns out I had to Restart the Task to show where the spare parts were sitting.
I ended up having to restart several tasks for the same reason.