Rusty Coil Spring FORGED into a KUNAI

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Alot of People demanded me to make a kunai out of a rusted coil spring so today i am making this knife today. I tried my best and must share your opinions about the finished product and it was a great fun to make it. So, guys sit back relax and enjoy the video.

Overall Kunai Length :10.5 Inches
Handle Length : 5 Inches
Blade Length : 5.5 Inches
Weight : 280 grams
All the Processes are below of making this beautiful KUNAI:
It took me hours and hours to hand forge a big steel spring piece into a flat Metal Strip. I don’t have a power hammer so all forging process was done with hand hammer. I made a plane piece and bent it over and tried forge welding but that piece did not match my required results so then in second attempt i do forging again and this time i go with simple and easy forging
That was not easy to hold it in center but I use my lathe machine to make the round shape of the handle
Grinding was a tough part I started some rough grindings on my old Belt sander and then with some angle grinder and turned that piece into a Kunai shaped long steel piece. I also hand sanded the edges with the help of file to remove flat the surface.
Kunai must be hardened and the way to make it hard is to heat up upto critical temperature and then suddenly quench into the oil. Tempering the Kunai is the best way to increase the Strength, Hardness and Toughness of the knife and it also reduces the brittleness of the steel.

Rusty Coil Spring FORGED into a KUNAI

Always wear leather gloves while sanding knives. Always keep a First Aid Kit at your work place.

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