Resin basics: tips and tricks for beginners

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*I’ve updated this video! The new version is much longer, but worth a watch if you’d like much more info. Catch the new one at

Hey everyone! This is a remake of the first youtube tutorial video I ever made. It’s been 4 years, so I figured it was time for an update. I also added more info about how I ensure that my resin cures correctly every time. Curious about other resin brands? Check out my vid “an honest review of resins I’ve used.” It may help you choose the right resin for you/your project.

*** the squeeze bottle tops didn’t come with the amazing clear cast, they came with some ice resin. If you see that you over poured your resin or hardener, and don’t have a bottle that can suck some product back out of the cup, just use a wooden stick to lift some out a little at a time. You can also buy some of the caps here ( get the 8 oz size) :

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Measuring cups:

★ Resin:
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