Profession Tier List for Goldmaking in TBC Classic

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Which Professions are the best for Goldmaking in TBC Classic?
Today we are making a Tier List of all the Professions in TBC Classic based on how good they are for Goldmaking, and we’ll be ranking each TBC Profession From S-Tier to F-Tier. This is a video that will hopefully help you guys figure out which TBC Professions to choose on your mains & alts as I will also talk a little bit about each profession and explain briefly how you can make gold with that profession in TBC. Let me know in the comments if your Profession Tier List for Goldmaking in TBC Classic looks different!

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TBC Tailoring Goldmaking Guide:
TBC Leatherworking Goldmaking Guide:

This video serves as an intro to each of the TBC Professions and a Mini Profession Guide for TBC Classic, especially in terms of how to make gold with professions in TBC and hopefully it helps you guys figure out which professions to choose in TBC! You can also use this info as a “guide” for your TBC investments, because with Jewelcrafting you will need tons of ores & gems from Classic WoW, and a lot of people will also be leveling up Blacksmithing for Blacksmithing-Specific Weapons, so by investing in those items you can make a decent profit!

0:00 TBC Professions
0:58 TBC Tailoring
1:54 TBC Jewelcrafting
2:41 TBC Leatherworking
3:35 TBC Mining
4:16 TBC Herbalism
5:28 TBC Skinning
6:11 TBC Alchemy
6:52 TBC Enchanting
8:24 TBC Engineering
9:15 TBC Blacksmithing
9:51 TBC Cooking, TBC Fishing & First Aid
10:26 Recap & Outro
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