Peter Crafts the Advanced Suit Cutscene (With "Almost" Every Suit + All DLC Suits)

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This video showcases 38 possible suits that you can wear in the game ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’. The suits shown in this video can be used during gameplay by completing certain challenges, progressing through the story, or downloading exclusive content for the game.
This video is missing the Fantastic Four DLC and Far From Home DLC suits.

Suits listed in order as they appear:

Advanced Suit: 0:00
Classic Suit (Repaired): 0:37
Noir Suit: 1:13
Scarlet Spider Suit: 1:49
Spider-Armor MK II Suit: 2:24
Secret War Suit: 3:00
Stark Suit: 3:35
Negative Suit: 4:10
Electrically Insulated Suit: 4:46
Spider-Punk: 5:22
Wrestler Suit: 5:58
Fear Itself Suit: 6:33
Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit: 7:09
Spider-Armor – Mark III Suit: 7:45
2099 Black Suit: 8:21
Iron Spider Suit: 8:57
Velocity Suit: 9:32
Spider-Armor – MK IV Suit: 10:09
Spirit Spider Suit: 10:44
2099 White Suit: 11:20
Vintage Comic Book Suit: 11:55
Last Stand Suit: 12:32
Undies Suit: 13:08
Homemade Suit: 13:44
Anti-Ock Suit: 14:20
Dark Suit: 14:56
ESU Suit: 15:32
Resilient Suit: 16:09
Classic Suit (Damaged): 16:45
Spider-UK Suit: 17:20
Scarlet Spider 2 Suit: 17:56
Spider-Armor Mk 1: 18:31
Original Iron Spider Suit: 19:07
Spider-Clan: 19:44
Aaron Aikman Armour Suit: 20:19
Cyborg Spider-Man Suit: 20:55
Into the Spider-Verse Suit: 21:32
Webbed Suit (Sam Raimi Suit): 22:07

Peter Crafts the Advanced Suit Cutscene (With Every Suit + All DLC Suits)(The Heist DLC Suits/Turf Wars DLC Suits/Silver Lining DLC Suits/Raimi DLC Suit) – Marvel’s Spider-Man [1080p60fps][No Commentary]

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