Path of Exile Crafting Guide [PoE University]

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The third lesson of PoE Uni!
Ziz sits down to talk about all things related to crafting in Path of Exile, for new players and intermediate alike.

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Slides and teachers notes for this episode:

PoE University is a serie that’s running fir 7 days and covers many classes, previous episodes can be found here:
1. PoE basics
2. How to get geared

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00:00 Introduction
03:50 Item affixes in PoE
09:00 Item type affixes
11:00 Currency and how to craft with it
24:18 Vendor recipes
26:50 Influenced items
31:19 Conqueror Exalted Orbs
38:30 Colouring
39:05 Colouring Tricks
44:20 Ancient Orbs
47:05 Essences
54:57 Fossils
1:00:00 Craft of Exile Website
1:07:01 Crafting Bench
1:11:15 Atlas Crafting Recipes
1:13:55 Meta Crafting and Multi Modding
1:17:45 Level one Wand Trick
1:23:45 More Leveling Vendor Recipes