Our FIRST Bush craft video – Finding a location – building a shelter, crafting a chair and cookout

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Our very first bush craft video!
For real, we have had a pretty weird last few weeks with moving across the country in a pandemic, complete two weeks of self isolation and continue to be on quarantine, We all have had to deal with the struggles of our lives being completely turned upside down because of the virus, not only is the virus scary and unhealthy, but so is the media, and social media! But then to deal with a provincial tragedy on top of everything, so many innocent people lost the lives. Its so easy for mental health to go to shit real quick, that’s why Adam Young and I decided to start bush crafting! We can be away from everyone, society and the virus while being outside enjoying nature and using what nature gives us to build a shelter and a little camp site. We want a little spot that no one else can find, a place where we can go collect our thoughts and get away from what’s going on in the world today! We really want to make it a super self sustaining spot, with a shelter, gardens and tranquility! Here is a little glimpse of our spot we will go to recharge, reenergize and collect our thoughts when we need to get away from society!