NYC's Last Flower Makers Explain the Victorian Craft of Artificial Flower Production

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Super special thanks to Adam Brand and M&S Schmalberg for agreeing to be the subject of this feature! Adam has very kindly set up a discount link to the M&S Schmalberg Etsy shop for us, good for 20% off through 6 February, 2021. Use the code ‘HISTORY’ at checkout!
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No part of this video was sponsored by, paid for, product gifted or discounted by M&S Schmalberg. Full price was paid for the product commissioned.

Special thanks to Adam, Lucia, Alex, Alvaro, Silvana, and Carmen for all your work!

Also incredible thanks to Egyptologist Dr Colleen Darnell (@Vintage Egyptologist ) for very kindly consulting on the ancient Egyptian flower tidbit. She has a fascinating channel on all things ancient Egypt:

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Overview of the artificial flower making trade in London:
For image of original M&S Schmalberg location: “A street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue in the Garment District in Manhattan on Nov. 29, 1943.” AP Photo.

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*The term “Victorian” is used in the title for search engine optimisation and distribution purposes; the term is not technically accurate in reference to early 20th century New York.