Aimed primarily at younger horse handlers, but useful to anyone who is new to showing their Suffolk Punches in hand. Nigel Murfitt is an actor, Suffolk Horse Society trustee and a heavy horse judge, giving [More]
Actor, Director, Writer and Instructor Darryl Hickman discusses Art vs. Craft.
Making furniture by hand in at the Brandt Cabinet Co in Hagerstown, Maryland. To purchase a clean DVD of this film for personal home use or educational use contact us at To license footage [More]
“The Craft Apprentice: From Franklin to the Machine Age in America” A Lecture by Dr. Bill Rorabaugh from the History Department, University of Washington, based on his book of the same title. Thursday, April 24, [More]
Nature. Community. Craft. That’s what guides Workshop Brewing Company in Traverse City. By the end of the year, they’re hoping to add another location to the Workshop community.
Waterfall from hot glue gun,Showpiece for home decoration, Coconut Shell Crafts |Beautiful DIY Home Decoration from Waste Materials | Recycling Crafts Buy Leak Free Glue Gun : Buy Glue Sticks 11 mm : [More]
Kim Beno shows how to make nature craft owls.
Subscribe to our newsletter to get alerts for new episodes, activities, and more ————————– Making Leaf Lanterns (Fall Nature Craft) | Curious By Nature ————————– Subscribe to the Nature Museum’s channel and tune in [More]
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Ranger Kids – Nature Merit & Tiger Advancement Discovery Rangers – Tool Craft 1 Kings 3:28 “When all Israel heard the verdict the king had given, they held the king in awe, because they saw [More]
Three of the nation’s leading makers discuss the materials that have defined their lives and careers. Guest speakers: Kate Malone, ceramic artist, Bill Amberg, founder of Bill Amberg Studio, and Christopher Day, glass and mixed [More]
WhiteFeather Hunter – Biomateria; Biotextile Craft Session 7A. Bio- and High-Tech Textiles September 21, 2018 Presented at The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global, the Textile Society of America’s 16th Biennial Symposium in Vancouver, [More]
Mass unemployment due to automation – this has been an upcoming problem predicted for a long time due to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. What to do with the millions of factory workers, [More]
Jenny Price is a public writer, artist, historian, and author of Stop Saving the Planet!: An Environmentalist Manifesto. Co-creator of the Our Malibu Beaches mobile-phone app.” When I finished graduate school in 1998 and moved [More]
Seeking Unity in the Grey Marketplace: Finding Common Ground in a Competitive Environment Speakers Joel Podersky Co-Founder Craft Cannabis Association of BC Joel Podersky became motivated and inspired to engage in cannabis advocacy when he [More]
In this video, We are making a beautiful picture out of sea glass and driftwood. But first here is Chloe dyeing Hare’s-tail Grass with food colouring.
Late summer and early autumn is a great time to experiment with nature arts and crafts. At this time of year the seasons change dramatically and we witness the emergence of a wide range of [More]
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The Green Table Podcast Interviews Jesce Horton Visionary leader Jesce Horton is Chief Executive Officer at LOWD, an award-winning cannabis company that embodies the art of urban craft cultivation. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, LOWD exists [More]
Learn about the secret dividend stock that my wife, Nicole, owns! She has almost 5x’d her money, and has held this position since 2012. And, her true dividend yield on cost is a staggering 7.26%. [More]
Come with me as I go exploring with my daughter in search of Natural Craft Supplies!! I will show you a very easy DIY incorporating one of our found treasures! Thanks for stopping by All [More]
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Join Katie Salidas as she discusses Plot Structure for Story Craft.
The CRAFT of Farming: Peer-to-Peer Education for Farmers & Farm Workers Panelists: – Dan Birnstihl, Hip Peas Farm – Steve & Dawn Forde, Hop N Hen Farm – Sarah Hansen & Sam Bower, Kearsarge Gore [More]
Welcome to Curious By Nature, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum series dedicated to letting your curiosity run wild. Join us as we explore the wonderful nature around Chicago. Find inspiration in our art and craft [More]
If you have a child who adores mermaids? It’s so easy to make insanely gorgeous nature mermaids using the natural materials around you. Printables available at See more wonderful nature activities at SUBSCRIBE [More]
Collect lots of natural materials and get creative. What will you make? Thanks to the Nature Detectives at Great Wood Farm EYC! Want to become a Nature Detective? [Filmed at: Boothby Great Wood]
Construction is a huge part of the economy but without a full labor force building has been constrained forcing housing costs up. In this video we explore how to help bridge the skill gap and [More]
Welcome to Season 2 of Curious By Nature, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum’s series dedicated to letting your curiosity run wild! Join us each week for a new nature and science adventure, right from home. [More]
As part of my prize for winning Card Maker of the Year 2021, I have been sent August’s Papercraft Society box. This month, the designers are Crafty Individuals. and I have to say, this box [More]
Sami Majadla, CEO of CertiCraft, facilitates discussions with leaders in the legal craft cannabis industry to explore what is going well and what is going not-so-well. In Episode 1, Sami is joined by Kieley Beaudry, [More]
Nature. Community. Craft. That’s what guides Workshop Brewing Company in Traverse City. By the end of the year, they’re hoping to add another location to the Workshop community.
Is the wargaming discipline, as currently practiced by the professional wargaming community, considered an art or a science? The original research encapsulated by this thesis uses metrics derived from artistic research and pragmatic, business processes [More]