Impact of Covid Pandemic on the World. The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It [More]
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Togo is a tiny nation in West Africa that contains the region’s largest Voodoo market. The ‘Marche des Fetches’ contains a cornucopia of Voodoo items including animals in various states of decay, shrunken leopard heads, [More]
Session 1C, Roundtable Discussion: Handmade in India: Trade, Ethics, and the Craft Economy Moderator: Ritu Sethi Discussants: Abduljabbar Mohammad Khatri, Charllotte Kwon, and Shilpa Sharma Presented at: Hidden Stories/Human Lives Textile Society of America 17th [More]
In its 47-year history, Starbucks has transformed from a single coffee bean store in Seattle to a 30,000 cafe international coffee power house. But massive expansion hasn’t come without growing pains. It’s no secret that [More]
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Renowned surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty asks Sadhguru whether psychic powers and telepathy are real, and if it is possible to learn these abilities. Sadhguru speaks about chitta, the innermost core of the mind, which is [More]
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Now it’s summertime so today I am going to make a fun project for kids. It’s very easy and also lots of fun. Actually, I made this project for my daughter’s birthday. I hope you [More]
Sadhguru busts some pyramid myths while also explaining the science behind the pyramid structure and how it affects prana. #Sadhguru Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend [More]
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Rachel Elliott, craft maker, discusses her work and the inspiration behind it for the Craft Scotland and RBGE Conserving Ecologies exhibition.Find out more about Rachel Find out more about Craft Scotland
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Gianluca Torregrossa MD, from Lankenau Heart Institute, Philadelphia is hosting the first Live Stream with the Course Directors of International Coronary Congress (ICC): Dr John Puskas from Mount Sinai Hospital – NYC- and Dr David [More]
If we want to discover alien life out there in the universe, we first need to figure out where to look—and what we’re even looking for. Will it be biological like us? Could it be [More]
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Daily Challenge #19/Waste material to useful organizer / Coconut shell craft ideas 1. Watch the video 👀 2. Subscribe and support me 3. Comment your feedback 4. Like/Dislike my video 5. Share to your friends [More]
Who wouldn’t love a seashell vase ? Shell art lovers!you can easily this design.DIY. raw materials for design: -coconut shell -seashell -small stones -transparent varnish -fiber+resin mixture gum -brush -knife please watch my video and [More]
4 Easy Plastic Bottle Planters Idea | Plastic Bottle Craft | diy succulent planter | Planter pots #planter #diy #planterpots #plasticbottlecraftideas #kalyaniscorner Hey guys.. Diy planter ideas Diy planter pots Diy planter painting ideas Diy [More]
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Follow Joscha here @plinz #JoschaBach #AI 00:00 Life in Eastern Germany and Cold War era geopolitics 25:57 USA – postmodernism and it’s theatrical political culture 29:03 Universal basic income 36:17 Differences between left and [More]
In this video I will show 4 ideas on how to make a miniature cardboard house with your own hands. #diyideas #diy #diycraft In this video I will show 4 ideas on how to make [More]