Thursday, September 6 is National Beer Lovers Day. CSU San Marcos has a unique way to keep track of San Diego’s extensive craft beer history.
Baltimore beer extends far beyond the simple mix of water, yeast, hops and grain. Beer is steeped in the city’s history. (Video by Andrea Boston) ◂ ABC2 News offers comprehensive local news, Maryland’s most accurate [More]
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Read and learn about the stories of St. Louis women throughout history, and then join us to create a paper doll to represent them! Share your creation to social media and tag us at #MHSlearn. [More]
Trailer for the book The Native American Flute: Myth, History, Craft, which details the history and mythology of the Native American flute and provides complete, simple-to-follow instructions for crafting both ancient and modern versions of [More]
Surfing is making its Olympic debut in Tokyo. But one of the newest Olympic sports has a very long history in the host nation of Japan. Lucy Craft takes a look at the history of [More]
On this show we will highlight one of the newest Prince Hall Masons (Past Master Damien Jack) to author a book which is called “Teachable Moments: Lectures for the Lodge.”
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A documentary made in 2006 by George Perrin about the English art of campanology. More videos and bellringing tutorials at our website:
This video looks at how the Hmong people use their traditional clothing as a way to preserve their history.
Art history part -2nd only for tgt, pgt /art and craft History #@$-
In this video – Amit Modi will discuss Indian Ancient History – R.S. Sharma Lesson 12 Craft commerce and urban growth between 200 BC to 250 AD. This session is crucial for laying the foundation [More]
In the 1930s, tuberculosis sufferers made pottery on the desert just a few miles north of Phoenix, Arizona. Little has previously been reported about this unusual and interesting episode in Phoenix history. New information in [More]
This video is a promotional piece from Ohio University about the Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers. Cornelius Ryan was a journalist and author primarily known for his writings on popular military history, [More]
Title: Mae Among the Stars Author: Roda Ahmed Illustrator: Stasia Burrington Publisher: Harper, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
May 1, 2018 | Caroline Hannah (BGC PhD ’17), Bard Graduate Center | “Crossing Boundaries: Adventures in Art, Craft, and Design History” | Alumni Spotlight Lecture
Nespresso collaborated with over 60 industry experts to create a fascinating new book, The Craft and Science of Coffee. The book allows you to discover every facet of your favourite hot beverage through completely new [More]
Subscribe for more Horrible History: Visit our website: Welcome to another episode of the WW2/Ancient Egyptian/Monk/French Revolution/Caveman Art show! Which of these historical crafts will you be making? #HorribleHistories is a hit #CBBC [More]
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Join us virtually on YouTube to learn about artist Alma Thomas and do a craft in her distinct artistic style. This craft requires glue, scissors, a pencil, and various colored paper. Ages 4 and up. [More]
At the age of 39, Catherine’s world changed. She discovered the world of ancient craft of basketry weaving. She chose to listen to the voice inside. She chose to follow her passion. “Don’t be afraid. [More]
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A leading authority on the American frontier, Stephen Aron is professor of history at the University of California, Los Angeles. In this brief video, Aron tells why primary sources resonate with college students today. Allowing [More]
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View the atmosphere inside a shwe chi doe tapestry workshop, and see how a burmese tapestry is made. A nice description about its origins and history is narrated. Tapestry Palace also makes custom tapestries, and [More]
This documentary delves into the lives and work of five extraordinary craftsmen and women from different corners of the globe: a jewellery-maker in Mumbai, a dress designer in Taipei, a Luthier (guitar-maker) in New York, [More]
What is Imperial Stout? | The Craft Beer Channel This week we’re asking what is Imperial Stout, and what is it’s history? There’s a lot of confusion around this style, as well as the difference [More]
Many types of children holding hands is a great visual of Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of peace. For Black History Month or Martin Luther King Day, this kirigami tutorial (not origami because there is [More] PART 2. Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast teaches you how to create a Legacy Christmas Stocking. This crazy quilt / embroidered project allows you to share your family history with family [More]
This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating women who are working in communities, courtrooms, farms, boats and businesses — women who are paving the way to a resilient, healthy and just future.
Gazelle stands for quality, service and innovation. Craftsmanship, cycling knowledge, passion. Gazelle is such a strong brand, it's a really robust bike. Quality, robustness, a means of transport that you could cycle for the rest [More]
Join Ohio History Connection curator Becky Odom to see how quilting has changed over time and what intricate designs were created.
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