New Crafted Items in 8.2! Crafting Profession 8.2 Updates

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New crafted items in 8.2! Taking a look through the updates to crafting professions on the WoW Patch 8.2 PTR. In Patch 8.2, there are 25 new skill points to earn as well as new recipes to find and craft. There will be updated item level gear as well as a few cool and exciting new crafted items! This 8.2 profession update video deals with the crafting professions, so looking at Enchanting, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Inscription, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Engineering and also Cooking in 8.2. Herbalism, Skinning, Mining are getting new materials to collect with Osmenite, Dredged Leather and Zin’anthid. Seaweave Cloth will also drop in new 8.2 zones after patch 8.2 goes live. (No 8.2 release date yet as of this video).

The new crafted gear in 8.2 is, at least at this point on the patch 8.2 WoW PTR, just item level bumps using new mats and doesn’t involve new models yet. In Patch 8.2 you’ll be able to craft gear with an item level up to 440. 8.2 Enchanting will offer new tiers of enchants and new special weapon enchants. Alchemy in 8.2 has new special use potions as well as a new tier of stat potions, flasks and cauldrons. Jewelcrafting in 8.2 is one of the smallest 8.2 updates, with just higher stat gems and rings. 8.2 Inscription will have the new reputation contracts for Ankoan (Alliance), Unshackled (Horde) and Rustbolt Resistance (both).

Mount Equipment in 8.2 will be crafted by Tailors, (8.2 tailoring can make the Saddlechute mount equipment), Leatherworking (8.2 Leatherworking makes the Comfortabler Rider’s Barding mount equipment), and Blacksmithing (8.2 Blacksmithing has the Inflateable Water Shoes). Those compete with the free water walking equipment from the Anglers awarded to characters that had already earned a water walking mount.

The new crafted mount in 8.2 is the Xiwyllag ATV flying mount, created by combining the Monelite Reinforced Chassis from Blacksmithing in 8.2 with the 8.2 Engineering Super Charged Engine. The mount will almost certainly be BOE, as will the parts that go into it.

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