Neverwinter Crafting Tutorial Pt.3 – The Basics of Alchemy

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Part 3 of the Neverwinter Crafting Tutorial series. This part exclusievly covers the recently added Alchemy profession. Alchemy is different in that you do not gain experience on a per-craft basis and you must perform research and experimentation to progress and unlock new recipes.

As always additional feedback is requested. If there’s anything you’d like to see added to the guide that could help make it more complete for both beginning and advanced crafters, please submit it and I will endeavor to add it in a future video.

*Items you will need to start out (00:30)
*Hiring the first apothecary (00:54)
*How leveling is different with Alchemy (1:06)
*Alchemy as self sufficient as other professions (1:33)
*How Experimentation works (2:10)
*Getting new recipes by doing experimentation (2:42)
*Alchemy great for potions and buffs (3:07)
*Guaranteed level through Research (3:36)
*Additional Apothecaries will not speed leveling (4:23)
*More Apothecaries will still be needed for Tier 2/3 (4:37)
*Only one experimentation allowed at a time (4:50)
*The chance of failure (5:13)
*Lower ranks of experimentation removed as you level (5:43)
*Using Alchemy to help Leatherworking (6:12)
*Long duration gathering useful due to lack of XP drop (7:17)
*A warning about the gateway and Alchemy (7:57)
*Ability to create batches of potions with rare crafts (8:42)
*Alchemy an alternative way to create Dyes (8:59)
*The inability to rush alchemy leveling (9:11)
*Example of rewards from experimentation (9:57)
*Unstable potions very random and do not notify players of effects (10:24)
*More effects on unstable potions (11:30)

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