Neverwinter – Crafting Primer (How to craft in Neverwinter)

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Neverwinter – Crafting Primer (How to craft in Neverwinter)

Release Date: April 30th 2013
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*Crafting quest at level 10 (00:58)
*Supplies purchased at level 11 (1:28)
*Failed tutorial tooltips (1:51)
*Crafting types: (2:15)
*Leadership, Mailsmithing, Platesmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring
*What is Leadership? (3:08)
*Filters for higher level tasks (3:56)
*Concerns crafting doesn’t keep up with level/gear (4:30)
*Hiring your first mercenary (5:38)
*Using Astral Diamonds to speed up professions (5:45)
*Crafting multiple items at a time (6:03)
*How to assign assets to crafting tasks (7:25)
*Acquiring more hirelings (9:26)
*Crafting requiring no cost, only materials (12:00)
*Characters learning multiple professions (12:37)
*Trading and selling crafting materials (14:33)
*Possible crafting loot concerns (18:00)
*”Trading” for materials (18:35)
*Hands off crafting, craft while playing the game (19:43)
*Want for a more active crafting system (20:33)
*Diamond cost reduced over time for instant crafting (22:15)
*Similar crafting “quests” with different rewards (24:20)
*Time required doesn’t seem to match reward given (24:44)
*Armor professions starting at 10 minutes (25:35)
*The crafting progression, getting materials you need (26:11)
*Repeatable crafting requests (29:31)
*Gathering in the world doesn’t give enough material (32:00)
*Platesmithing can craft shields (34:00)
*Professions desired per class (34:20)
*Items having similar stats, divided only by class (34:51)
*Uses for long crafting times (36:55)
*The Neverwinter Gateway and remote crafting (37:43)

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