Mortal Online 2 – Steel Production Guide [Crafting]

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Video was produced in MO2 Combat Alpha. Still contains a few bugs and missing features.
Step 1: Mine Granum 0:30
Step 2: Extract Granum at a Crusher 2:30
Step 3: Mine Calx 5:39
Step 4: Extract Calx at a Crusher 6:45
Step 5: Extract Coke out of Coal at a Furnance (Ratio 1k Coal as Resource to 60 Coal as Catalyst) 7:40
Step 6: Extract Pig Iron out of Blood Ore & Coke at a Furnance (Ratio 1k Blood Ore as Resource to 40 Coke) 18:05
Step 7: Refine Grain Steel out of Pig Iron, Coal and Calx Powder (Ratio 1k Pig Iron as Resource to 500 Coal and 500 Calx Powder as Catalyst) 8:25
Step 8: Mine Saburra 9:26
Step 9: Extract Saburra at a Crusher 10:24
Step 10: Refine Steel out of Grain Steel, Saburra Powder and Coke (Ratio 1k Grain Steel as Resource to 500 Saburra Powder and 500 Coke as Catalyst) 10:55