[LiveStream Archive] On Craft And Design Practice – A Lecture by Prem Chandavarkar

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[This is a live-streaming archive, and expect some audio trouble at the first portion of the video. The final edited one would be uploaded later]

Prem Chandavarkar is the Managing Partner of CnT Architects http://cnt.co.in/ an architectural practice based in Bangalore, India, with a historical legacy across generations that dates back to being the city’s first architectural firm. Prem received his training at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India, and at the University of Oregon, USA.


Ever since the Renaissance, and especially from the early 20th century, the cutting edge of architecture has been driven by the creative originality of star personalities. This stands in stark contrast to the world of traditional handicraft that is predicated on a culture of anonymous creators committed to a traditional idiom. How do these two models compare?

Recent developments in complexity theory will be used to argue that the complex and anonymous network of craftsmen is better suited to respond effectively to challenges of culture and ecology.

However, we cannot base our foundations on a nostalgic gaze. The lecture will posit that one must dig deeper, critique the kind of consciousness we employ in design practice, and learn how to structure a contemporary practice that can simultaneously leverage modern developments as well as traditional craft.