Classic WoW Profession Guide, what profession to choose in vanilla wow: Cooking, Herbalism, Mining, Leatherworking, Blacksmith, engineering, Tailoring. Hopefully this tutorial will help players pick a business of their own for the best MMO of [More]
Discord: Patreon: —————————————————– Timestamps—————————————————– 00:00 Start 00:24 9.1 Changes 00:57 Vestige of Origins 1:59 Progenian Fragments 2:58 Crafter’s Mark 3 & Prestigious 4:12 9.1 Mat Stockpile List Now for the optimization: wow, gold, goldmaking, [More]
Hand carved dragon priest mask out of walnut wood. Follow me on Instagram: My Etsy shop: More pictures on my Facebook page: Support my work by buying me coffee 🙂 Thanks [More]
I carved 140cm tall dragon priest staff inspired from the PC game TESV: Skyrim. For this project I used walnut wood, wood stain, sand paper, jigsaw, angle grinder, wood carving chisels and lots of love [More]