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Hello, everyone! In this video, I just want to share how to re-use scrap metals into something you can use everyday. Instead of selling it as junk lets give it a new purpose. This one [More]
Andy Elliott is an artist who creates bonsai sculptures. He twists, curls, and coils wires together to form each part of the tree, from the roots to the leaves. He showed us a start-to-finish process [More]
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Hi guys! Happy New Year! Since today is a special joyful day, we also have a special big New Year’s video for you with wonderful crafts we have made! So, today you will find 5 [More]
Metal Crafts Projects How to make Decor with Junk Metals We Made a Miniature Wheelbarrow -Metal Craft Art Ideas – ASMR Don’t forget like and subscribe. Thanks. instagram: Rozhecraft
1. Create ornate metal fixture for home, garden or bisiness, 2. Make Planr hangers, candelabras, wire racks and even Fencing out of mild steel strip, 3. Included scroll former, bender, twister, 4. Use up to [More]
Metal Craft Art ideas – We made a beautiful CART! We made a beautiful CART from a series of useless iron. You can do it and sel it. dont forget like and sub. Thanks. INSTAGRAM [More]
Check out my new Channel for more satisfying and entertaining videos Did you ever think that you can make unbelievable things from scrap metal that you are throwing out every day life? whether you [More]
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If you want to start a metal stamping business, then this is the video for you! I’m sharing how to stand out in a competitive market, where you can source your material, and the challenges [More]
Nerdarchy the News Letter- Intro to Metal Craft| Nerd Craft- Metal Working Time for Ted and Nate to work their nerd craft magic with metal working and metal craft. This is just an intro [More]
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Timestamps: 0:08 Wire hack 0:43 Battery and cola can 1:26 Static electricity 2:03 Toner powder 2:38 Graphite and battery 3:07 Magnet hack 3:48 Matches This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make [More]
In this project we build an Iron Man ring from a 60mm Stainless steel connection nut, although only 30mm was used and the final length was 27mm. I used M20 (metric 20mm) because that’s the [More]
This is a simple way to accomplish fine, precise designs without needing a CNC or laser cutter. I use ferric chloride and Press-N-Peel blue, but I also show a DIY etchant mix and alternative to [More]
Due to circumstances that I explain in the video (patch 10.4) my equipment was all back in storage. Since I was starting out from the garage I decided to do a couple of different things….. [More]
Best DIY reuse idea from waste metal bottle cap craft idea | best out of waste | Artkala A bottle cap seals the top opening of a bottle. A cap is typically colourfully decorated with [More]
Super fast AF 7 Days To Die tutorial teaching new players how to craft and use the forge to smelt iron, lead, brass, sand, stone, and clay. Get some beginner tips on how to melt [More] For over 50 years, customers around the world have used the authentic and original Metalcraft branded products to make a huge range of practical and decorative items for pleasure and profit. Our metal [More]
Ark: Survival Evolved Gameplay, guide, tutorial, basics, getting started and more! Ark: Survival Evolved – In this video I walk you through starting out in the awesome world of ARK, guide you through starting out [More]
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Adam Heffner; With 6 years of metal fabrication experience Adam can create anything you can imagine. He learned his skills in the Ironworkers Union, building bridges and skyscrapers across California and Tennessee. Maker Table is [More]
CRAFTING METAL ROLLS| SNOWRUNNER SEASON 3 | PS5 | WISCONSIN GAMEPLAY. Saber Interactive. Focus Home Interactive. Join me on my continuing adventures in Snowrunner on Playstation 4. In this short video I have a look [More]
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Curious about Metal Bars in conan exiles? How to obtain precious ores like star metal and melt it down into a bar… Today we cover all the basics in smelting from iron bars – star [More]
Getting Metal TOOLS ! Forge, Smithy and More ! Lets Play Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay Z1 Gaming. In this episode of ark survival evolved we go on the hunt for metal, build a forge and [More]
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Timestamps: 0:08 Helicopter craft 3:12 Grill from old rusty barrel 6:17 Fancy boat 9:44 Metal case for airpods This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety [More]
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