Working from home has become more and more popular nowadays. There are many ways you can work from home; starting your own handmade business ideas at home is one of them. Here are 10 Handmade [More]
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If you don’t charge enough for your handmade products you won’t make any money! You won’t be able to buy new materials, you won’t be able to cover your costs and then you won’t be [More]
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▼ DESCRIPTION ▼ Hey everyone! Welcome to this video! today we are going to be going through my own personal pros and cons when it comes to shopify for handmade businesses. This will be a [More]
Make money selling your hair bows. Work from home. Set your own hours. Do something you love. You can sell hairbows at arts and crafts shows, the mall, friends, and family. PTA groups, cheer clubs, [More]
So, you want to start a handmade business, but you aren’t quite sure how much it’ll cost. Starting your own business can feel totally overwhelming – especially when you just aren’t sure what those initial [More]
👉 FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY FOR MAKERS AND HANDMADE SHOP OWNERS: So you’ve got a handmade shop – or are getting ready to open one. All the hard work that goes into opening a shop [More]
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Session 1C, Roundtable Discussion: Handmade in India: Trade, Ethics, and the Craft Economy Moderator: Ritu Sethi Discussants: Abduljabbar Mohammad Khatri, Charllotte Kwon, and Shilpa Sharma Presented at: Hidden Stories/Human Lives Textile Society of America 17th [More]
Remember back in 2020 when we thought ‘oh, this pandemic thing will only last a few months’ or ‘everything will be back to normal in 2021’? Ha! If anything’s for sure about 2021 it’s that [More]
GOOD EVENING FRIENDS ! How are you all doing? This video is all about the experiences and lessons I learnt from my creative journey through all these years. I really hope you find these tips [More]
Long time no see? Well, it’s been 4 months since I uploaded my last video and this is why! No! I have not forgotten you guys, I just had to shift my focus to create [More]
#WoodBuning #SolderingIron #WoodWorking # WoodBurningArt #pyrography Wood burning for Beginners by MacGyver K Wood burning with a handmade soldering iron Wood burning for beautiful interior accessories Using 24 volt 1 amp DC adapter ————————————————- Materials [More]
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#flowervase Hello everyone, As usual we have come up with best out of waste of bourn vita bottle. Here, we have made beautiful flower vase. You can also try this craft idea to decorate your [More]
Feeling the fear when starting out in business is common and totally human! If you’re taking the first steps with your handmade business or starting to sell your crafts then these tips and advice will [More]
When you’re just getting started with your handmade business, it can be hard to figure out the best way to promote your handmade products and make sales, especially when you’re getting started on social media [More]
👉 FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY FOR MAKERS AND HANDMADE SHOP OWNERS: Naming your handmade business is not an easy task – and for some reason, it feels like if you pick the wrong name, you [More]
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I’ve set up a vendor booth at many farmer’s markets, as well as holiday market events in my local area, and I’ve learned a lot about how to market my business effectively and grow my [More]
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#matkadecoration #wallhanging #roomdecor Hello everyone, In this video, we have shown an unique way to decorate steel matka for upcoming festival. Here, we have used steel matka, tissue paper, newspaper, pom pom and other decorative [More]
Want to know what the BEST websites are to selling your handmade goods online? There are SO MANY to choose from! Let me guide you on the 5 best sites to sell your handmade products [More]
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Coming up with the perfect name for your handmade business can be tricky. There is a lot to consider – and it’s easy to make a blunder that you’ll regret down the line. I’ve named [More]
If you’re a maker and you heavily relied on craft shows, live events, and farmer’s markets to make sales, you’re probably experiencing a huge hit on your income right now due to coronavirus and events [More]
Are you a failure if you launch your products and get 0 sales? Remember, every business starts with 0 sales. Let’s discuss. -Renae Remember to enter your email at where I’ll be sending out [More]
As of this month, I’ve been fully-self employed as a maker for a whole decade! It got me thinking – what are some of the things I wish I’d known about running a handmade biz [More]
We’re living in a crazy time right now with the Coronavirus. People are losing jobs or getting furloughed. Salaries are getting cut. But life still goes on, and you still have bills to pay. You [More]
If you’re thinking about starting a handmade business online in 2021, I’m here to tell you that there has never been a better time. But there are 4 things you should know before starting and [More]
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