Fortnite has just added a new feature which involves crafting weapons to get higher rarity weapons and now you can make Bows? how does this all work? Later on into the video I show you [More]
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Hello All! In this video we explain Crafting Skill and how it work. I hope this video explains it. If it does not please let us know! I hope you enjoy! Item Caps Cloth Armor [More]
This is my complete guide on How to Craft in Outriders. Improve Rarity, Raise Attributes, Modding Gear (mods are my favorite), Swap Variant, and Level Up, ALL explained. With all this modding, I may have [More] Welcome to woodcarving! There are so many different hand carving tools available that it can be a little confusing knowing which tools to get. In this video PJ from clearly explains what each [More]
Fortnite Season 6 CRAFTING EXPLAINED GUIDE! (How To Craft Every Item) USE CODE “Postboxpat” in the ITEM SHOP to show love, support and respect to the channel. Shout outs via Twitter and Discord. JOIN as [More]