Kamri and Bailey Get KICKED OUT of Hobby Lobby? | Craft Store Photoshoot

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You guys, I’ve been seeing this Hobby Lobby game pop up left and right and decided to give it a whirl! Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while and growing up with a bunch of siblings and cousins, I’ve always had people to practice on!

Bailey and I went to a Hobby Lobby near us for this video, but any craft store will do! There are such great displays for taking fun and unique Instagram pictures! It was convenient having a lot of different props, flowers, and settings to take pictures with all in one place. It made getting a variety of photos really easy! We expected to have trouble from the employees or get kicked out, but all the employees were very friendly and helpful! This game was a blast, and it’s a great activity for teens!

Bailey and I started out with the classic flower displays, and we got some nice springtime portraits. Then moved around to find more hobby type photos with fabric and feathers! We also dabbled around with the cute spring decorations. There were so many different options at Hobby Lobby, people could go in there and get totally different pictures than what we got!

It was fun to try a game similar to a Jordan Matter photoshoot with someone like Bailey who has a talent for dance. I’d like to do this game somewhere else! Comment below where you guys think I should go, and who I should take next!

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