Intelligent Hands: Death of the Craftsmen (Crafts Documentary) | Real Stories

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This documentary delves into the lives and work of five extraordinary craftsmen and women from different corners of the globe: a jewellery-maker in Mumbai, a dress designer in Taipei, a Luthier (guitar-maker) in New York, a bag-maker in Moscow and finally a bell founder in France. Operating at the very pinnacle of their professions, their relationship with Craft shines a light on its true value, and what we stand to lose if it becomes a thing of the past. Further, the film explores the inextricable link between each individual’s craft and their culture: how every craft is both a product of, and also opens a window into, that particular culture.

All around the world, highly skilled, traditional crafts are under threat: be it from the march of technological progress, mass manufacturing, or profound economic and cultural change, rare hand-made crafts are dying out.

But does it really matter? And if so, why?

Above all, the documentary seeks to reveal the depth of knowledge, the dedication and the skill behind the processes of these five characters

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