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Hi mellows! It’s Rome again, it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last video. I finally uploaded a studio vlog! Yay!! I actually had started this business last year but I stopped because my sense of smell got lost maybe because of the smelly resin that I bought in that time hehe (long story), but now I have re-started this business! and its a Resin Craft Business hihi. Anyways I hope you guys would check out my shop if you are interested! Hope you enjoy watching!

Ps: forgot to put a captions in the video huhu, but if you have any questions, just drop it below!

love, rome ☁

m y s h o p
IG https://www.instagram.com/thekruffy.gsn/
SHOPEE https://shopee.ph/kruffy.lady

m u s i c
by BGM President, Starry Attic and PUYO’s Music Box

3:16 Demoulding
4:49 Resin Care
6:16 Preparing the keychains and bookmarks
10:46 Packing orders
11:29 Night time Packing orders

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📷 instagram : romellowy
💌 email : romellowy@gmail.com