How To Turn Crafting Into A Business (Craft eBook)

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Hi its Jen from I Create Crafts. I created a eBook for those of you who are thinking of starting a crafting business. I divided this eBook into chapters, outlining the steps and things you need to consider when it comes to starting and running your own craft related business. In each chapter I discuss the important things to consider and know before starting.

I hope you enjoy reading this eBook and learn a lot of valuable information. I wish I had read an eBook similar to this when I first started crafting a few years ago. You can make money by crafting the things you love. The possibilities are endless. You will learn as you go along and have fun creating and crafting. I will pass along what I know and have learned, but you have to do the work; there is no easy button. It’s so much fun making money doing the things you love.

All proceeds goes towards my YouTube Channel and videos that I create.

How To Make Money With Your Crafts (eBook Instant Download!)