How To Make Money Crafting & How I Make Millions Every 3 Days! Albion Online Beginners Guide

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In this Albion Online beginners crafting guide I explain how to to make money by crafting and show you my personal crafting process with which I make millions every time I have 30k focus. A must watch for new players or beginners who want to understand everything about crafting and how to make profit in #AlbionOnline. I also go over some money making tips and tricks which even non-crafters can benefit from. I answer all your crafting questions such as what craft is best to level, whether crafting is worth it and how to make money by crafting by providing full insight in my crafting process and covering all the topics along the way.

Now I know this video is very ferry long and that’s because I wanted to make sure you understand everything about crafting by watching this one video. And I’m pretty sure you will. But I might be wrong, I might be biased since it’s my own video, so let me know in the comments what you think of this video!

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