How To Learn Hard Stuff – Craft, Instrument, Profession, Languages (Caseback Method)

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If you ever tried to learn a new language, an instrument, a new profession or craft, you know that it’s hard stuff. In this video I present you some hints and advice about preparation, motivation, efficiency, role models and more.
Topics are comparisons, fundamental work, time management and more.

00:00 Start
03:00 Think like a musician. To fail is normal.
03:59 Don’t listen to the master. He might try to talk you out.
05:12 Don’t be too smart. There are proven methods already there.
06:17 Start at the bottom. Technical terms are important.
07:04 Find the empty spaces. And then fill them with tutorials and preparation.
08:52 Forget talent. More often talent is a high amount of passion and work.
10:20 Be careful with comparisons. They can intimidate you.
12:11 Remember your first dream. Wat brought you to give it a try in the beginning?
13:18 Be nice. Don’t try to intimidate people with your skills.

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