How to Craft an Alpha King Crab for table top gaming like Dungeons & Dragons

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Today we are crafting an Alpha King crab. The idea was to take my already established crab kin and build on the society. A big part of dnd and any other table top game out there is world building. The ocean is unforgiving. Zicame’s lands have been fully explored, but not it’s oceans. Join me as we delve into crafting one of the strongest creatures the ocean has to offer.

This craft is a for sure built for a boss fight! Surface this baby up from the ground and it will have your party of tabletop gamers both excited and scared 😱😁

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Tools —————————————————

Proxxon hot wire cutter

Steel bypass pruning shears:

Folding pocket utility knife

Heat gun:

Hot knife:

Materials ———————————————-—

Mod podge:

Crown beads:


Tacky Glue:

Counting Chips that i used as bases:

Stuffed animal eyes:


Dowel bocket:

Paints ——————————————————

Citadel paints:

Apple barrel white paint:

Apple barrel black paint:

Daler-rowney fw Acrylic artist ink:

Pigma Micron pens: