How Much Odd Life Crafting Makes On YouTube?

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How much does Odd Life Crafting make on YouTube?

Odd Life Crafting is a show on YouTube hosted by a Brazilian couple, Eduardo and Roberta. They create content as they travel around the world through their sailboat and also different crafting ideas. For example, they are building a house from a container by themselves documenting throughout the process. Now let’s take a look at a breakdown of all their revenue ventures.

Let’s have a look at how much they make.

AdSense – We estimate that Odd Life Crafting currently makes $2k every month

Merchandise earnings – Assuming Odd Life Crafting makes a profit margin of 20% from the merchandise sales, their income would be an estimated $958 a day, $28k a month, or $345k per year.

Odd Life Crafting uses approximately 10% of their annual income to pay for travelling which is $34k leaving $310k liable for taxes.

Odd Life Crafting incurs a yearly tax rate of 17.5% this means that he/she takes home $251k annually

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