History Of British Air Craft Carriers

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Since 1910 Britain has been combining Air Power with Sea Power, from the first Seaplane Carriers, to the first standard flat runway Air Craft Carriers the Royal Navy has been an innovator second to none.

This list contains 37 Of Britains most successful and innovative Air Craft Carrier Designs, many have been present during world changing events, such as HMS Invincibles contribution to the Falklands, or HMS Ark Royals assault on the German Battleship Bismarck, Many of these ships (especially the Majestic & Colossus Class) have gone on to serve in the navys of other nations, including the navies of France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Argentina and The Netherlands.

The Royal Navys ability to project sea power across the globe has always been the United Kingdoms greatest defense for both the UK and its allies, for example in 1942 when Imperial Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbour the Royal Navy assembled a Pacific Fleet featuring 11 Air Craft Carriers and 8 Escort Carriers in assistance.

In 2007 The UK MOD confirmed plans to construct two new Super Carriers (Queen Elizabeth Class) these will be the largest Air Craft Carriers operated by the Royal Navy and the only Super Carriers to be built outside the USA. This will assure The Royal Navys position as a world leader in naval power for atleast the next 50 years.