Handmade Business – Pricing craft products made easy!

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If you don’t charge enough for your handmade products you won’t make any money! You won’t be able to buy new materials, you won’t be able to cover your costs and then you won’t be able to make anymore. Sound scary? It should. Getting your pricing right is crucial to your success!

Find handy calculators to help you with pricing on Etsy, figuring out your hourly rate and a pricing your products calculator here:

You can see my exact pricing product formula here (no opt-in required):

When you price a handmade product you can’t pluck a number out of thin air and use that to set a price.
You can’t ask a stranger how much they would pay.
And you simply can’t take the amount a product has cost you and multiply it by two and then times by 4 (honestly I have seen that!).
To run a successful business you need to know your numbers and I’ll happily show you how. If you are making products which won’t sell because they are too expensive (I’ve rarely known this to actually be true!) then you need to rethink your products/suppliers/marketplace not lower your prices!!!
Find out more about A Handcrafted Business Handmade Product Pricing Formula here:

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