Goldmaking in TBC Classic!? What profession should you choose?

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Since I received a request to do a short video guide on viability of professions in The Burning crusade, here we go today! Profession viability can be looked at from three different angles:
-gold making potential
-PVE boost and
-PVP boost.
For simplicity sake, I decided to make separate videos ranking professions for their usefulness, having endgame content in mind. There will be 2 videos since I am a scrub at PVP and never actually played it, thus I don’t feel qualified to give advice on this part. That being said, today we are looking at the GOLD MAKING POTENTIAL of each profession available in TBC Expansion.

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0:00​ Intro
00:45 Herbalism
01:29​ Mining
02:48​ Skinning
03:33​ Blacksmithing
04:45​ Leatherworking
06:22​ Engineering
08:42​ Tailoring
11:27​ Alchemy
12:50 Enchanting
13:59 Jewelcrafting
15:02 Secondary professions
16:23 Outro

Thanks to EntropiusWoW for allowing me while making this video.
All raid/arena/pvp content credits go to their respective owners.


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