Draconic Evolution : Quick Start Guide!

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Hello everyone! This is a quick guide to the Draconic Evolution Minecraft mod. This isn’t an exhaustive guide, but just a short introduction to the most important features of the mod. I try not to waste your time with crafting recipes and long-winded explanations, but just show you quickly how to do things and get started.

Here are the topics I cover, if you want to jump to a particular section:

Information Tablet, Draconium Ore/Dust/Ingots (00:13)
Fusion Crafting (00:39)
Tiers of Fusion Crafting (3:31)
Awakened Draconium (3:54)
Energy Core (4:29)
Upgrading Energy Cores (6:09)
Upgrade Keys (6:40)

Thank you for 150 subs, I’m grateful for the opportunity to make content other people find useful. Drop a comment if you have any questions or have a mod you’d like me to do a guide on!

Recording equipment:

Mic: AT2020
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Recording: OBS (vid), Audacity (audio)
Editing: Adobe Premier
Music: www.bensound.com