DayZ – Ultimate Crafting Guide for New Players! (PC/XBOX/PS4)

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Basic Equipment:

Stone Knife [2x Small stone combined together]
Rope [2x 6 rags combined or guts + knife]
Rags [Clothing + Knife]
Hand Drill Kit [1 bark + 1 short stick]
Splint [4 rags + 2 short sticks]
Torch [1 rag/bandage or fat + 1 stick]
IV Saline bag [1x IV Start Kit + 1 Saline Bag]
IV Blood bag [1x Blood bag + 1x IV Start kit]

Cooking / Hunting:

Basic campfire [1x bark/rag/paper + 1 stick]
Campfire with stone ring [Basic campfire + 8 stones]
Stone Stove [Basic campfire + 16 stones]
Improvised fishing rod [Large stick + rope]
Bone Fishing Hook [1x bones + knife]


White armband [Rag + Sewing kit]
Any color armband [Raincoat + Knife]
Improvised burlap backpack [1x burlap sack 1x rope 3x sticks]
Improvised fur backpack [1x boar hide 1x rope 3x sticks]
Leather Backpack [2x tanned leather + 1 leather sewing kit or 5 tanned leather 1x bone fishing hook]

Ghillie Suit:
Ghillie Hood [2x burlap strips 1x netting]
Ghillie Shrug [4x burlap strips 2x netting]
Ghillie top [6x burlap strips 3x netting]
Ghillie Suit [10x burlap strips 4x netting]
(Suggested: Create a Hood and Suit only!)

Izh18 + hacksaw
BK18 + hacksaw
Mosin + hacksaw

Improvised suppressor [1x PET bottle + Ductape]

Nailed Bat [1x baseball bat + 14 nails]

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