DayZ Crafting Guide – Ultimate Beginner Tutorial – PC / Xbox / PS4 PS5

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Rags
00:32 Splint
0:48 Stone Knife
01:08 Rope
01:27 Fishing Rod
01:41 Bone Fishing Hook
02:03 Bait (Worms)
02:31 Torch
02:53 Fireplace
03:06 Hand Drill Kit
03:32 Tripod
03:58 Stone Ring
04:13 Stone Oven
04:33 Portable Gas Stove
04:46 Portable Gas Lamp
05:11 Fire Barrel
05:29 Sharp Stick
05:52 Disarm Trap
06:01 Harvest Seeds
06:26 Burlap Courier Bag
06:40 Burlap Backpack
06:58 Tanned Leather
07:20 Leather Backpack
07:36 White Armband
07:52 Colored Armband
08:09 Ghillie Intro
08:14 Burlap Strips
08:23 Ghillie Info graphic
08:43 Improvised Suppressor
09:07 Sawed Off Weapons
09:23 Nail Baseball Bat
09:39 Wooden Crate
10:02 Shelter Kit
10:27 Fence Kit (Base Building)

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