Crochet Business 🧶 How To Start Your Online Shop

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If you make crochet products and you want to sell them online and have a successful business doing that, stay on to watch this video where I’ll show you how to start your own handmade crochet product business.

First, let’s talk about why your crochet business is a great idea. It’s not expensive to start a crochet business. You just need some yarn and a hook to get started! That’s much less expensive than say, starting a laser-cutting business which requires a fifty thousand dollar machine! Crocheted items also have broad appeal. People in cold climates need hats, crocheted items are a very common, traditional gift for babies and there’s the whole avenue of crocheted art work. And on the whole, you’ll be pricing your items at a comfortable price point. That is, you aren’t trying to sell a two thousand dollar ring. You’re looking at items in the double-digits, which means that your items are likely to be accessible to a large audience.

Having said that, there are a number of challenges that you need to look out for.

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