Crashlands Tips, Tricks and Crafting Guide

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This is a Tips and Tricks video for the video game Crashlands. It also acts as a guide on how to play Crashlands covering the top 10 tips for the game as well as a general crafting guide.
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The Game Developers Butterscotch Shenanigans story can be found here:

The games manual can be found here:

In this video I am going to go over some Crashlands tips and tricks and some ideas on How To play the video game Crashlands. This video answers common questions like how to craft, and where to find crafting recipes. There are enough tips here to act like a top 10 facts on how to play Crashlands.

I go over techniques, tips and tricks in Crashlands to guide you on how to fight and win hard battles as well as beating bosses, how to use pets and the best pets to use, the best armour and weapons to use and how to get them, how to craft and find healing items like bacon weed and Potten Sunshrooms, tips on doing the quest missions early on (for rewards like the pickaxe), the best ways to explore and collect all the items in Crashlands, the best times to find and use teleporters, how to build bridges, working out enemy weakness using weapon and armour stats (very useful for bosses), the different menus you can use, like the crafting menu and inventory menu, how to equip items in Crashlands and the importance of crafting new items like signs when exploring.

How to do most things early on is described in this Crashlands Tips and Tricks video. I would say you can use it as a guide on how to play Crashlands and it covers the top 10 tips for the game. Crashlands is a Butterscotch Shenanigans video game available on Android and steam (Tablet and Phones and PC).