Crafting Shadowlands Legendaries Complete Guide – Ranks & Upgrading & Runecarving Professions

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Hello there, I’m Fintusius, and welcome to my Complete Legendary Crafting Survival Guide in World of Warcaft Shadowlands, which should give you a good overview of all the professions involved and the possible best choices, while explaining some gold making opportunities alongside assigning potential recipes and crafts for your guild & friends, as it might be a good time for you to ask them to come back to wow!

Please check the pinned comment I have as quite a few updates have been made since the video was posted as well as an additional Ion Hazzikostas interview made with wowhead (WoW Game Director) about Shadowlands Legendaries and their currency caps, gating and staggered release, even though the build was slated as “release ready”.

Link to the staggered release information :

List of all legendary sources in one document :

List of potential Good PvE Legendaries for your class / spec :

My Legendary Crafting Guild/Friends Planner:

Feel free to share this video with others and organize yourself with friends to make the best out of this system so that everybody stays happy!

00:00 Intro
00:47 Crafting & Obtaining Legendary Item
03:56 Gaining Recipes & Ranks
04:40 Upgrading Legendaries
06:57 Profession Overviews
11:29 Plan Your Crafts & Make Money with Friends

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