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In this video, I am going to give a guide on everything you need to know about forging weapons and armor in Roman Factory. So, if you are curious about something in specific like where to find rare materials, be sure to hop to the specific time in the video.

0:00 Intro
0:26 How to craft and upgrade weapons & gear
3:11 Finding Crafting Materials
7:01 Crafting Kiwami Weapons

The roman factory has a total of 4 different levels that will enable you to craft better weapons and gear. You start at level 1 and to upgrade each level you need to invest a specific amount of money.
For level 2 – 200,000 yen
Level 3 – 2,000,000 yen
And finally level 4 -20,000,000 yen
To farm money for every level I suggest that you tackle the company minigame for which I have a very easy to follow guide here in the youtube card on the top right corner or in the description and comment section of this video.

Now let’s take a look at creating and upgrading weapons. As you unlock new levels in the Roman Factory and new jobs in the Haruwaku Office you will be able to create new gear and weapons from scratch using these two menus.
The menu will display on the top all of your allies’ jobs on the top, along with an “ALL” and Others option. Cycling through each one of those with the L1 and R1 buttons you will be able to see which weapons you can craft for each specific job.
On the right you will see the description of the weapon, its stats, who can wield the weapon, what job does it belongs to and if there are any special effects or status that it has in battle. If you have a stronger weapon or weaker weapon equipped at the moment, you can see how this will affect your character stats or press the R2 button for a full breakdown on each stat. On the bottom left corner, you will see the necessary materials, the roman factory level and the money required to create the weapon. The same thing applies when creating pieces of gear and upgrading weapons, with the only exception that the weapon that you are seeing in the right will be the result of the upgrade of the weapon selected on the menu on the left.

Now let’s get to the messy part of crafting: where to find upgrade materials. Many of these will drop after each fight that you engage in, but I am going to talk about where you can buy them on the map.

On the lower part of the map, in the Welcome Drug Store, you can buy Attack Zero and Cetamin Super X adhesives.

At the very top of the map, in the Yokohama Park area, in this aqua truck next to Dragon Kart you can buy all kinds of rarities of wood, cloth, wire, iron, nails, lead, steel, glass, plastic, aluminum, tungsten, pelt, and leather.

On the grass of Yokohama Park, you can find all kinds of normal random bugs and on rare occasions silver and gold ones. Normal bugs can be bought in the can survival minigame shop by 8000 points each, Silver bugs can be bought in two different places. Moths, butterflies, spiders, and scorpions with the yakuza secret vendor in this part of the map, Silver Mantis, dragonflies, stag beetles and rhinoceros beetles can be bought in the Shogi minigame shop by 3000 points each.

Golden bugs can be obtained as additional rewards in the first 10 floors of the Arena which is open for you after you get to chapter 12.
High-Density Heavy Metal is rewarded in Floor 11
Silver Bar in Floor 12
Gold Bar in Floor 13
Pearl in Floor 14
Platinum Ore in Floor 16
Rubi Ore in Floor 17
Sapphire Ore in Floor 18
Diamond Ore in Floor 19
Empty Can of Asada Candy in Floors 21, 23, 25 and 27

There are some special kiwami weapons which are the pinnacle weapons for each job that require you to have a specific weapon to do the upgrade. The vast majority of these weapons used for upgrading to kiwami weapons can be found as top rewards in the different minigames in Ijincho and the Sotenbori Arena. Or, if you have a TONNN of money, and I’m talking about 10 million yen each, you can buy each and every one of them in La Marche in Kamurocho.

Mafia Job in the 5th floor of the Sotenbori Arena
Hitman and the Chef Job in the 10th floor
Bar Owner Job and the Host Job in the 15th floor
Street Musician and the Detective in the 20th floor
Dancer in the 22nd floor
Idol Job in the 24th floor
Homeless Job in the 25th floor
Night Queen Job in the 26th floor
Hero Job in the 30th floor
Dealer Job as a top reward in the secret casino in the Chinatown bathroom
F Riot Control Job as a top reward in the Shogi Minigame
For the Fortune Teller as a top reward with the Yakuza secret minigame.
For the Hostess Job as a top reward in the Can Survival Minigame
For the Bouncer Job with Kamuro the Mascot inside the Blue Marino near Yokohama Park.
For the Demon and Elder Sister you only need crafting materials
For the Clerk and demolition worker I never managed to find them other than in Le Marche,

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