Crafting Corrugated Metal Panels — A Guide

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My guide to how I approach crafting corrugated metal panels fit for modern and sci-fi tabletop warfare. I produce these and sell them through my business. Now I am giving you the know how on making them yourself.

If it feels like too much work, or you just won’t get the time to create some for yourself, I sell them for £5.99 for 2x 55x180mm sheets battle bruised and weathered ready to apply to your gaming tables, scenery and miniature bases.

Please support this channel by becoming a patron. Just $1 per video will be hugely welcomed. I offer some of my products and other benefits for those of you that would like to support with larger amounts.

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Corrugator Options — Search term in eBay (£3.75 incl. postage from China) (£9.45 + postage from Spain)

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