Craft history runs deep in Echizen – FUKUIREMOTEQUEST

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In this level of the Fukui Remote Quest, dive deep into the history and tradition of Echizen crafts, putting skills with the blade to the test courtesy of Echizen uchihamono knives and marvelling at the artistry behind Echizen washi, handmade paper.

Get ready for the (virtual) journey of your life and come with us on an exciting trip to the heart of Japan!
Fukui is a lovely prefecture nestled in the idyllic Japanese countryside.
There, you’ll find sites of beauty that will take your breath away, traditions hundreds of years old that live on to this day and amazing folks launching new and innovative projects all the time.

With so much on offer all across the prefecture it wasn’t an easy feat, but we picked three areas of Fukui to share with you today through fun and inspiring videos. From the comfort of your own home, go on a fascinating tour of our picturesque corner of the world and get a feeling of everything Fukui has in store for visitors. Then, when it is safe to travel again, come visit us and experience it all for yourself!

The journey continues! Here are some other great stops on our itinerary:




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