Craft Cannabis Association: Seeking Unity in the Grey Marketplace

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Seeking Unity in the Grey Marketplace: Finding Common Ground in a Competitive Environment


Joel Podersky

Craft Cannabis Association of BC

Joel Podersky became motivated and inspired to engage in cannabis advocacy when he saw an unfair, exclusive system being developed at the expense of the pre-existing small and medium-sized producers who have been operating in the cannabis industry for decades. He envisions a cannabis movement that is unified, self-sufficient, and fully empowered. He believes that the cannabis community can forge a path forward without giving up it’s independence and empowerment to
others. He believes this message is important at this time because now is when the future of the cannabis industry and how legalization will look is being decided.

He also feels that the cannabis movement has the ability to encompass even more than protecting patients’ rights, reversing stigma, and advocating for fair, inclusive regulation and statute surrounding the industry. It can play an important role in healing on a physical, psychological, spiritual, and social level. This is thanks to cannabis’ nature as a sacred, healing plant and it’s ability to bring people together regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, political opinions, sex, income level, or education.

He is an original co-founder of the Craft Cannabis Association of British Columbia (CCABC). His efforts in CCABC are with the intention of helping to reverse the social stigma surrounding cannabis and bringing about inclusive, evidence-based cannabis regulations and statutes that acknowledge, respect, and protect the place of small and medium-sized craft cannabis producers in a newly legalized marketplace. He is also a key member of the team behind Heavenly Daze which isone of the most recognized, well-respected brands in Canada.

Soheil Samimi

MediGreen Group

Soheil Samimi’s professional background involves various business roles with leading technology companies, as well as being an entrepreneur and founder of innovative start-ups. Today, he is passionately heading the MediGreen venture based in Vancouver. Through its various activities, MediGreen is essentially seeking to provide consumers with better quality & healthy cannabis (and other) plant based medicines

At a deeper personal level, Soheil’s long-standing interest and quest in the realms of sacramental plants has led him to be immersed in hundreds of ceremonies and sessions with respected shamans and religious leaders, encountering the powerful medicines from the forest. On this path, he is dedicated to honor the sacred divine teachings of the plants and spiritual practices, gain a higher self realization and also help create a safe space for such new experiences and the healing of others.

Ultimately, Soheil is enthusiastic about participating in broadening the knowledge and consciousness of all people about the respectful, spiritual and medicinal use of entheogens and other plant based medicines.

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