Craft a Profession Summer Session 7/22/2021

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The College Depot Craft A Profession informational session will cover opportunities in the apprenticeship arena. This includes the Construction Trade Institute offered at South Mountain Community College, the Year Up! Program, and other specialty programs offered throughout the Valley.

Recorded on 07/14/21 at 5pm. Content presentations was hosted by Robert Olmos and Cynthia Fralia and featured a team of professionals. Visit for more information on College Depot or click to schedule a free, one-on-one appointment with an advisor.
Time Stamps:
0:00:00-0:02:30 – Introduction/ CD services
0:02:31-0:03:37 – 10 Things that Require 0 Talent
0:03:38-0:04:12 – What is an Apprenticeship?
0:04:13-0:04:40 -Why Consider an Apprenticeship?
0:04:41-0:06:00 – Career Options
0:06:01-0:07:26 – Advantages of Registered Apprenticeship
0:07:27-0:08:00 – Apprenticeship Facts: Interactive Activity
0:08:01-0:08:52 – Examples of Apprenticeship Types
0:08:53-0:11:26 – FAQ’s
0:11:27-0:12:40 – Apprenticeship/Internship Info
0:13:00-0:22:06 – Guest Speaker: The Helping Profession
0:23:04-0:33:30 -Guest Speaker: Technology Support Specialist Apprenticeship
0:33:31-0:45:00 – Guest Speaker: Construction Trades Institute
0:46:12-0:58:50 – Guest Speaker: Street Maintenance Worker
0:58:51-1:15:09 – Guest Speaker: Year Up Info Session
1:15:10-1:16:57 – Q&A/Closing