Conan Exiles Guide – Rule of Steel #3 Part 2 Gathering and Crafting

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This video is part of my Rule of Steel Guide series in the Steam workshop.

Gathering and Crafting ( edit )
Try to hunt, harvest, and keep your Furnace, Blacksmith, and Tannery workstations running all at the same time. Keep filling your furnaces with coal and stone for brick and iron ore for iron bars. Keep hunting and placing bark and hide into your tannery for leather. If you have plenty of wood you can start crafting shaped wood at the carpenters bench for large chests to replace the wood boxes.

Level 2 building supplies reqiure brick, shaped wood, and iron reinforcements. Place iron bars in blacksmith bench to craft iron reinforcements. Keep a few hundred iron bars in a chest for repairs. Use the rest to craft iron reinforcements. You will need alot of brick for level 2 structures. The next outpost will be made of level 2 materials. They take longer and use more resources, but we will gain XP quicly when we craft them.

Workbench Recipes ( edit )
Here is a list of Recipes for each workstation:

Armorers bench
Where you craft all armor, shields, and clothing. When you unlock recipes the bench will show you the recipes. Many items are only unlocked when you place the specific level 3 or 4 armorer on your bench.

Blacksmith bench
Where you craft all weapons and tools. When you unlock recipes the bench will show you the recipes. Many items are only unlocked when you place the specific level 3 or 4 blacksmith on your bench. With the blacksmith bench you can convert iron bars and steel bars to iron and steel reinforcements and also vice versa.

You can also craft a glass mold to make jars for dye. Also a siege cauldron for base defense.

Carpenters Bench
On a carpeters you can craft shaped wood, bows, and arrows. Shaped wood is needed for all tier 2 and 3 building materials and most high grade wood items. You can also craft elevators, a double bed, barrels, trebuchet parts, and a drawbridge. The bench will show the recipes.

In the furnace, you can produce – brick from stone, iron bars from ore, steel bars from iron bars and steelfire, Hard brick from brick and consolidant, Hardened steel bars from steel/steelfire/black ice, and star metal bars from ore. You can create glass bottles by cooking crystal and placing a glass mold in the furnece. You can also bake bread.

You need fuel for the furnace best is coal or branches (dont waste wood or fiber on fuel)

The tannery creates leather from hide. Thick leather is created from thick hide and reptile hide. It can also convert thick leather into thin leather.

Bark fuels the tannery.

Firebowl Cauldron
The most important items crafted in the firebowl are steelfire, consolidant, and dragonpowder. Steelfire is crafted with brimstone and tar. Consolidant is crafted with twine and ichor. dragonpowder is crafted from demonblood, crystal, brimstone, and steelfire. Dragonpowder is an ingredient in explosive jars.

The firebowl also crafts potions, orbs, and dyes. The potions are Aloe health potion from aloe leaves, Violet cureall from serpent venom gland, Yellow lotus resetting potion from the flowers, Reaper poison from thier glands, breathing potion from a water orb and glowing essence.

Consumable recipes ( edit )
There are many food items which can have different effects.

small or large campfire or bonfire
Shredded meat from ferel flesh
Grilled Steak from raw meat
Roasted Haunch from exotic flesh
Gruel from plant fiber and seeds
Cooked Abusmal Meat from abysmal flesh
Cooked fish
Cooked Shellfish
Water filed jar from a jar and ice

Dried Fish
Dried Meat
Dried Berries
Dried wood (non consumable)

Fermentation Barrel
Ale from purified water, hops, and leavening agent
Mead from pure water, ale, and honey
Highland Wine from pure water, hughland pulp and leavening agent
Desert WIne from desert berry pulp, pure water, and leavening agent
Cactus Wine from pure water, plant fiber, leavening agent
Wine from pure water, desert and highland berry pulp, leavening agent

Fluid Press
highland berry pulp
Desert berry pulp
You can also press ichor from rotten meat, Abysmal Flesh and all glands. You can process tar from coal and oil from fish or seeds.

Salt from stone or crystal
Spice from Fiber, Mandrake, Lupine, Phykos, or seeds.

cooked eggs from shaleback eggs
meatstrips from ferel fleash and salt
Spiced steak from grilled steak and spice
Spiced haunch from cooked haunch and spice
Soup from meatstrips and pure water
purified water from water filled jar